Oxy Gas KIT KEMAP100

SKU: 555K

Oxy Gas KIT KEMAP100


Professional mini welding kit in a handy dispenser is suitable for welding, soldering or cutting materials up to 5mm thick steel (depending on tips).

The KIT includes:

  • Reducing valve for oxygen: 0-150 bar / M10 x 1
  • Pressure reducing valves for technical gases: 0-6 bar / thread 7/16 "
  • Anti-flash back valves
  • Hoses length 1.5 m
  • Burner with handle and points Ø0,5mm
  • 1 piece replacement points Ø0,65 mm
  • 1 piece of welding goggles
  • The cylinder O2 (oxygen 100 bar)
  • Technical mixed gas in the cartridge - KEMAP 581 (385 g)
  • Package size: 38x24 cm
  • Product Weight incl. full bottles: about 4.7 kg

What is a mini welding KIT's?

Mini welding KIT's are welding respectively soldering kits fully replace commonly used classical "welding kits". Mini welding KIT's offers a number of advantages, starting with low cost, wide range of affordable spare parts or accessories, ending invaluable mobility, versatility and compactness. Mini welding KIT's may be used as brazing and welding to a thickness of 5 mm, but also available in combination with our special gases and cutting nozzle possibility to cut steel up to a thickness of 5 mm. The combination of oxygen and flammable gases can easily reach temperatures up to 3300 °C which is at least about 220 ° C over a combination of oxygen-acetylene (3080 °C). This ensures high efficiency, speed and thus saving. Ergonomic, lightweight handle is made of brass and fire-retardant plastic when control valves are adjustable for very precise control of flame. Total processing autogenous mini kits are sturdy from quality materials

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