Zoeller 170-0078 Septic Tank Effluent Filter


Zoeller 170 Septic Tank Filter



Facilitate ease of installation or retrofitting, this product will fit inside any 100mm sanitary tee. A 1/2” PVC pipe can be added as extension handle on top of the filter with a stainless steel screw.

Maintenance of the filter can be accomplished easily with basic movements.

Any time that the water is pumped from the septic tank, this filter should be cleaned. Regular maintenance of this filter is required long term.

Key Features: Protects the drain field from solids greater than 1/16” 132 linear feet of 1/16” filtration area 1,000 GPD flow rate

All materials are noncorrosive in cesspool environment.

Filter connection element is neoprene. Sleeve is PVC. Primary filter is polypropylene. 


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