Backflow Prevention

What is backflow?

Backflow is when water flows backward into the water supply network. It is a potential source of contamination that can seriously affect the quality and safety of our drinking water, which could cause illness or death.

Backflow is when water flows backward into the public water supply network. This is caused when water pressure drops in the distribution system causing water to flow in the opposite direction, from residential or commercial premises, back into the public water supply network. Contaminants could be back-siphoned or injected by back-pressure into the public water supply; or a combination of both, where cross connections exist.

Preventing backflow

Preventing water contamination from backflow is easy. All you need to do is install a boundary backflow prevention device at the service connection/s and have the device tested annually. This device, when maintained and working properly, will trap water that begins to flow the wrong way and prevent contamination of the water supply. 

Backflow training

We provide expert, technical backflow training throughout New Zealand using our dedicated trailer find out more.

Download our Backflow brochure (7.5mb file), single page technical data sheets can be downloaded from each product page.