Facot Gas Seal Thread Sealant



Facot Gas Seal

Gas and Water Thread Sealant:

Facot Gas Sealant can be used with the
following materials: steel, brass. Facot Gas
Seal can also be used on PVC, UPVC after
the application of ACTIV-SEAL spray activator.
Gas seal is an anaerobic adhesive for the sealing of either parallel or tapered
threaded fittings. It is suitable for use with the following media.
 Natural Gas
 Town Gas
 LPG
 Propane
 Methane
 Butane
 Water
 Steam (135C)

Working Pressures:

Maximum Pressure with gas: 2600 kPag at 25C

Maximum Pressure with Water: 1050 kPag at 25C

Temperature Limits for Water -50C—+150C

Temperature Limits for Gas -10C—+150C

Facot Gas Seal has the Australian Gas Approval
For gas use to 2600kPag. Approval #6672